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What is Regoog Search about?

Regoog is a Google based search engine with a green twist. It is powered by energy efficiency. Just by using Regoog as your standard search engine, you automatically help promote saving power.
When you use Regoog, and spread the word of Regoog and its environmental message, you will help encourage world-wide awareness to save energy, and help do your part.

How does Regoog save energy?

Regoog saves energy because the majority of the page is black! Studies have concluded "a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen." (Roberson et al, 2002). The government study tested a range of popular CRT and LCD monitors of several sizes. The data concluded a white screen uses 34% more power than a black screen on the average monitor! Exact efficiency savings will differ on each monitor, exact wattage consumed may be greater or less than 34% depending on monitor model and size. Generally the larger the screen, the more power consumption

Green computing consulting experts estimate a "Black Google" in theory would save 750-3000 megawatt-hours a year. A large amount of energy could be saved if Google switched their home page from white to black!

Because Regoog uses the Google Custom Search technology each search on every topic you make gives the same great results as the original white Google site, except Black (you might say "green").

Not only is using this "black Google" power saving, and saves you money, Regoog is the worlds first carbon offset energy efficient search engine! The volunteers who run this website are dedicated to investing our own effort, time and money into green energy and renewable power technology.

What can you do to help?

1. Set as your browser home page.
By completing this small & easy step, every time you turn on your Internet browser you can save energy just by surfing the Internet (Set homepage instructions).
Isn't it great to have that feeling knowing you are doing something great for the world? When you save energy you save money and you also save the earth. Every little bit counts!
2. Set Regoog as your browser's default search
Click here then tick either "Make this my default"/"Start using it", then click "Add". When you do a search in Firefox or Internet Explorer, Regoog will do the power saving work for you. (Note: Does not work in all browsers)
3. Encourage and tell your friends about the benefits of using Regoog
See how many friends and family you can get to set their homepage as Regoog. Who wouldn't want to know about a fantastic and fun way to help the environment and reduce climate change?
4. Spread the word
If you have a blog, webpage, facebook / myspace / twitter social media accountetc feel free to write about us. The ultimate goal we all achieve in doing so is that we can remind people we can all make the world a better place, one simple step at a time.

There are many other 'great energy saving ideas'. Using Regoog every day can save power, but will not save the world completely. If you care about the environment there are many other steps we should take to reduce everyone's impact on the earth. For more ideas try Regooging the search term great energy saving ideas.
The volunteers who run this website are dedicated to investing our own effort, time and money into green energy and renewable power technology. They do not ask that you donate any money, only that after viewing this site you promise to take action and take one small easy step to reduce your carbon footprint, support the cause and do your bit, so our children will still have a planet.

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